Bike Park Solutions not only offers custom trail design and construction, but also a suite of other services aimed at ensuring the long-term success, profitability and continued growth of our client’s projects.

Design and Planning

Bike Park Solutions will carry out a thorough resource assessment, including:

  • Soil Stability Test: (Not all soil types are the same and trails should be implemented as such)

  • GIS Overlay Trail Map (detailed blueprint for your planned trail system highlighting areas with minimal impact for future development)

  • Thorough 5 year ROI and ROA analysis. This analysis will include key percentage projections to conservatively grow your business model or enhance your existing assets.

  • Bike Management and Uploading Strategy

  • Marketing Plan (From media curation to activation, Bike Park Solutions will include an initial outline of how to approach a successful marketing initiative)


Bike Park Solutions has varying modules of construction and development, which include:

  • Building Trail of all types for any type of riding (Cross-Country, Downhill, Enduro, Dual Slalom, Dirt-Jumps and Slope-Style)

  • Training internal Park Trail Crew Staff

  • Trail Usage Pattern Consultation

  • Trail Maintenance Budget (Grooming Budget)

  • Irrigation Management and Consultation

  • Future site feasibility and analysis

Lessons Instructor Training

Bike Park Solutions works together with PMBIA to provide the following services:

  • PMBIA Level 1 and Level 2

  • Lessons Program Design and Packaging

  • Mandatory Instructor Training/Certification Updates

Bike Park Solutions has seen firsthand what happens when great trails are implemented and no lessons program exists. An industry cannot survive and a community cannot be created without the essence of acceptance. This is why we strongly recommend a well-built lessons program and an accompanying certified instructor program.

We have partnered with PMBIA from British Columbia, Canada. Using the internationally recognized PMBI Certifications (the most widely available courses in the industry) from ZEP Techniques and bringing in many core concepts and elements from the highly successful MBIT curriculum from Endless Biking, the PMBI Association has developed a single, stronger, streamlined Instructor & Guides Certification System. By utilizing the training from PMBIA, you are making the decision that will set up your clients for a successful mountain bike experience, which will undoubtedly bring them back for more!

Rental and Retail Consultation

Bike Park Solutions will successfully guide you through the process of:

  • Retail Consultation

  • Service/Repair Consultation

  • Rental Bike Fleet Consultation

  • Risk Management and Flow procedures associated with rental fleet

  • Customer Experience Management Consultation

Bike Park Solutions can provide valuable information regarding retail and rental revenue centers and how they should perform. From the time the rental fleet delivery should be assumed to when the fleet should be turned over, Bike Park Solutions offers key information regarding peak verses non-peak consumer information that is viable to the sustainability of resort operations.

Marketing and Sponsorship

Bike Park Solutions will help you determine:

  • Sponsorship mapping and Goal setting

  • Event Mapping (Successful bike parks have successful events)

  • Industry Sponsorship Consultation

  • Non-Industry Sponsorship Consultation

  • Branding Consultation (No marketing department? Let our branding agent get your new bike park logo dialed).

Bike Park Solutions has great ideas that are unique to your current setting. Great Marketing doesn’t always have to cost more money. In fact many engagements in today’s age can be paid for in sponsorship dollars. Let Bike Park Solutionsguide you through this process by outlining your intentions and creating innovative engagements between potential sponsors.

Safety and Risk Management

Bike Park Solutions utilizes Best Management Practices recommended by the NSAA and IMBA by:

  • Assisting in the development of Bike Patrol and Operating Manuals (Catered to each resort in conjunction with existing protocols)

  • Best practice signage consultation

  • Best recommendations in job description and expectations of bike park staff

  • Techniques for current and future trail/feature inspection logs

  • Consultation for lowering injury rate (if high rate occurs)

  • Overall Park Operating Plan

Whether a city municipality bike park or a full scale gravity park in your ski area, Risk Management is and should be the number one priority. Exhibiting "due diligence" is a critical aspect in our culture and rightfully so, the resort is responsible for the safety of the guest. Let Bike Park Solutions lead you through this endeavor and together we can do everything in our power to: reduce incident rate of occurrence, increase rider enjoyment and sharply reduce your exposure to litigation.